Anonymous asked: please reblog ? a-helphotoshop(.)tumblr(.)com/post/54920690056/if-someone-wants-to-moderate-here-please-contact

sure thing

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Anonymous asked: what happened to renan? (princebiebers)

no idea

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Right here theme.

i’ve being getting requests to post my theme so here it is. the base code was made by sunsgodowns so credit goes to her. its pretty simple 200px sidebar and 4 links.

Do not claim as your own.


like if using!

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Off the wall psd

  • very colourful so may not work on all pictures.
  • like if downloading.


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what would you guys like us to make?

  1. sidebars
  2. icons
  3. psd pack
  4. desktop bacgrounds?
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Download the psd here

get the leak textures from here and here

like if downloading.

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zoeesuggz asked: what's your smart sharpen setting? :)

all members have different settings i use my own action but the best is:

amount: 500

radius: 0.3

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Anonymous asked: can jdbiebers post some of her gif psds?

if you want you can ask her on

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Anonymous asked: 25(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/eb0ac72edf075241d2db21d44fd68376/tumblr_mfc4ww7big1ryb3ryo1_250(.)gif -- Kind of like this.

thats my gif? well i used a morningsuns psd from her christmas pack so download that :)

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Anonymous asked: Hi! If you have time could you make a nice bright and vimtage like PSD for dark photos?:) Thanks so much!

sure! :)

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Anonymous asked: I was wondering, if not.. i'm sorry for asking. Could you make a psd that's similar to the old psds with the oranges / pinks but not as harsh? -- Sorry if that doesn't make any sense.

ha you can request psds! well its not that clear what you’re asking if you could send us a pic? we will be happy to make it :)

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  • pretty awesome psd
  • dont claim as your own.

download here

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th3users asked: make a pack with your all psds posted?

maybe one day :) we have over 300 psds

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Anonymous asked: heyyyyy!! please can you tell me how to make this 'smoke 'neon' effect idk /post/43921876825/ its really pretty, i loved it, i downloaded the psd but i wanna know how to make it myself! i love your psds guys ok bye :)) and thanks

thank you sweet heart! is not neon effect but a layer will do a tutorial for you! ♥

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